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Workday Certifications

  • Integrations
  • Workday Studio
  • Cloud Connect for Benefits
  • CCTPP (Payroll Interface)
  • Advanced Reporting
  • HCM (functional)

Qualifications [top]

  • Integration team manager responsible for internal processes, SOPs, project delivery processes, and project oversight
  • Expert in Workday Integrations, iLoad, Data Migration and Reporting
  • Proven success in Workday Implementations
  • Continually act as the integration "fire fighter" for high-risk projects: brought in to projects at critical points to make sure the project and/or team is on track
  • Technical lead and technical project manager roles on large HR, Payroll, and Financials ERP implementations, responsible for all development work including integration, reporting, data migration, testing and rollout
  • Worked with many facets of ERP systems including HR (HCM, Benefits, and Payroll), Manufacturing (Inventory, Discrete Manufacturing, Bill of Materials and Engineering), Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Fixed Assets) and Procurement (Suppliers, Invoices, and Accounts Payable)
  • Led several successful engagements as a pure project manager
  • Seasoned technical trainer that has produced and delivered week-long technical courses
  • Mentored junior resources, from consulting soft skills to development
  • Co-creator of a technical team of remote developers that operated as a shared "community". Tasks included selection and hiring, implementation of a new delivery model, and working with the sales and delivery teams to correctly
    sell--and bill--the new development model
  • More than 12 years of Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and upgrade projects, Fusion Middleware and pure development work, and experience in all aspects of project delivery from discovery to post production support

Skills and Experience [top]

Workday development

  • Extensive Workday Studio experience
  • Built countless EIBs and packaged integrations
  • BIRT experience
  • All integration certifications: advanced reporting, Studio, CCB, and PICOF.
  • Extensive custom reporting experience
  • Extensive iLoad experience, including the creation of an automated, dynamically generated "cleaning" and migration program for client data

Service Oriented Architecture

  • Developed materials and conducted basic web services through advanced, highly technical training
  • Developed, tested, and deployed real-time transactional-based as well as batch, data-intensive "sync" applications
  • Conducted architecture discovery and design sessions
  • Project management for SOA projects

Custom application development

  • Languages including, but not limited to: BPEL, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, TCL/TK, Perl, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, XML-related
  • Extensive user interface design, primarily for web application design, but also including enterprise-application (both HTML and Oracle Forms) based
  • Developed several server and client based web applications

Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Developed reports, integrations, conversions, and extensions using a wide range of technologies
  • Project manager for several small engagements
  • Technical lead for large development teams across the globe with responsibilities including managing client development and DBA resources


  • Manufacturing - Inventory management, manufacturing, and procurement
  • Public Sector (primarily City, State, and Local governments) - Financials, HCM, payroll, with some procurement
  • K-12 - Student system integration, data warehousing, financials, and HCM
  • Higher Ed - Public sector budgeting, financials, and HCM

Employment History [top]


  • Title Workday Integrations Consultant
  • Dates November 2012 - Present
  • Duties Lead and project management focus, including practice building and mentoring. 4+ years experience with Studio, EIB, Cloud Connects, Mulesoft, advanced reporting in HCM, payroll, benefits, and financials.

  • Title Delivery Manager
  • Dates 2011 - 2012
  • Duties Focused on project work related to web service architecture, SOA development training, and Oracle EBS upgrade work.


  • Title Director, Oracle Services
  • Dates 2010 - 2011
  • Duties Business development and delivery manager for Oracle-based development and technology projects.


  • Title Project Manager
  • Dates 2010 - 2010
  • Duties Project manager/technical lead responsible for Oracle technology practice development.

Deloitte Consulting

  • Title Senior Consultant
  • Dates 2008 - 2010
  • Duties Technical lead and developer responsible for technical delivery of Oracle EBS and FMW projects.


  • Title Principal Consultant
  • Dates 2004 - 2008
  • Duties Oracle technical lead and developer focusing on EBS, SOA implementations, upgrades, and custom development.

Earlier available on request.

Workday Project Experience top]  /  [names

Public UtilityClark County Water, Integration architect & developer

  • 10/17 - Present
  • Building complex time tracking and reporting limitation work around using multiple Studio integrations

Public AirportMetro Washington Airport Authority, Integration architect & developer

  • 12/17 - Present
  • Integration lead and developer for overlapping phased HCM/Pay and Financials project
  • Complex project with a large footprint made for complex and difficult integrations.
  • Managed a small team of consultants and was lucky to have a very effective and talented client team.

Private UniversityUniversity of Tampa, Integration lead and developer

  • 6/17 - Present
    • Financials: Integration lead and developer
    • Build and tested several integrations
    • Worked with the customer to build Studio and EIB integrations
  • 9/16 - 3/17
    • HCM & Payroll: Integration lead and developer
    • Build and tested several integrations
    • Worked with the customer to build Studio and EIB integrations

Large CityCity & County of Denver, Integration lead and developer

  • 06/16 - 9/17
  • Integration lead for two simultaneous projects
  • Created architecture for one agency using Oracle SOA
  • Built several integrations and assisted client developers with building and testing the SOA-side of the integrations

Public School DistrictCleveland Metro School District, Integration developer

  • 06/16 - present
  • Pure development role building with state retirement and unemployment reporting and integrations, student information system integration, and complex substitute management integrations

Large Tech CompanySalesforce, Production support and integration developer

  • 08/15 - present
  • Assisted with 2016 Open Enrollment changes for several integrations and reports. Made significant changes to the SFDC Employer Paid tax integration. Also worked on extensive PeopleForce integration development.

Large Public School DistrictOakland Unified School District, Integration lead

  • 07/15 - 02/16
  • Integration lead for all integrations, focused primarily on a complicated set of 11 distinct integrations to support the legacy payroll and financials system.

Small Private CompanyTransitions Optical, SSO and Support

  • 06/15 - present
  • Assisted with identification and correction of account name mismatches between provisioning system and Workday. Coordinated transition to Single Sign On

Large Fast Food CompanyNoodles and Company, Production Support

  • 06/15 - 04/16
  • Added several lines and business rules to the existing Total Pay integration. Supported several other Studio changes from Aloha integrations to PeopleMatter recruiting systems. Assisted with various lead integration roles helping coordinate testing, resources, and migration between vendors. Provided support and project management activities for several other tasks.

Public School DistrictSacramento Unified School District, BIRT

  • 05/16 - 06/16
  • Extensive BIRT customizations to AP and payroll checks

Medium Energy CompanyPilot Thomas Logistics, Oversight and assistance

  • 04/15 - 06/15
  • Integration oversight

Large Public UniversityUniversity of Texas Austin, Integration Architect

  • 07/14 - 03/15
  • Worked with UT and IBM to develop a tactical, short term integration strategy as well as a long term, strategic university-wide integration direction. Worked closely with IBM and UT to identify scope and design patterns, as well as how to manage temporary integrations, rollout, and governance

Large Healthcare ProviderDaVita Healthcare, Integration lead

  • 06/14 - 02/15
  • Integration lead for all integrations spanning multiple companies, each with various independently operating regions; includes 70 integrations

Public School DistrictDouglas County School District, Integration architect and lead

  • 06/14 - 07/15
  • Integration lead for all integrations, spanning MuleSoft and RabbitMQ as the middleware through Workday-based cloud connect integrations

Large Private CollegeGeorgetown University, Financial Reporting

  • 09/13 - 07/14
  • Worked with Georgetown during their Financials implementation to develop their custom Workday reports as well as generate data to feed their student information data warehouse

Public CollegeBroward College, Integration lead

  • 09/13 - 08/14
  • Served as the integration developer and lead during Broward's Workday Financials implementation

Public CollegeBroward College, Trainer

  • 07/13 - 07/13
  • Performed intensive two day Report Writer workshop

Large Private UniversityBrown University, Reporting Lead/Developer

  • 12/12 - 07/13
  • Initial work included managing tasks, assigning roles, and driving deeper discover sessions. After the reporting initiative was kicked off and transitioned to the Brown lead, Ryan switched to a pure report writer and FSD configuration role.

Large Hotel ChainChoice Hotels, iLoad

  • 08/12 - 11/12
  • Performed HCM iLoads for entire suite of HCM data for several prototypes

Non-Workday Project Experience

Wide range of experience spanning more than 10 years including, but not limited to:
  • Practice development and management
  • Project management
  • Workday and Oracle technical sales support, estimating, and RFP responses
  • SOA architect and development
  • Custom development: Perl, Java, PHP, .net, etc.
  • Extensive web architecture, design, build, and coding
  • Extensive relational database experience (Oracle, MySQL, and DB2)

A full list is available on request.

Education & Training [top]

  • APICS certification
  • SEI Certification (Personal Software Developer)
  • Oracle Certified Professional

Not work[top]

If I'm not in front of my laptop, I'm most likely outside...