Inner toast.
2020-10-03 - On the way down from the last Superior romp of the year, LCC for the win
2020-09-20 - Herding dog overload
2020-09-18 - This yellow jacket fell in my beer and was wasted. He slowly wandered around on the deck for probably 10 minutes after I fished him out.
2020-09-06 - Gary relaxes near the secret camp in the Sawtooths
2020-09-06 - Gary was so brave on the boat ride back to the parking lot
2020-09-05 - Super hot in the Sawtooths, so no shade was passed up
2020-09-05 - Close encounter with this rattler right at dawn in LCC
2020-09-04 - Sawtooths just keep giving and giving on these two trips
2020-09-04 - Sawtooths morning
2020-08-30 - Hours of deadfall shaken loose by the dead trees and 8.0 magnitude earthquake earlier in the year. It took hours to go one mile.
2020-08-29 - Sunset at the secret camp in the Sawtooths
2020-08-26 - The fruits of Jody's garden: pickles!
2020-08-19 - Furniture and a deck. Beer drinking to soon commence
2020-08-08 - Sharp shinned hawk hangs out in the backyard
2020-08-07 - Upping the bug game, we now have huge grasshoppers in the house
2020-08-06 - Jody does the Schoolroom traverse
2020-07-29 - Nate bids (temporary) farewell to Salt Lake, south ridge of Mt Superior style.
2020-07-23 - The hair is becoming Jesus-level epic. Oh, and beer and pizza in the park in Fruita. Hot Tomato for the win.
2020-07-21 - Jody hangs out with Gary at the hole
2020-07-19 - Wildflowers abound up Little Cottonwood
2020-07-19 - Emylee on Superior
2020-07-12 - Ruth Lake goat!
2020-07-11 - Ego trumps suffering.
2020-07-11 - Of course. As the house nears completion, there is a wildfire within yards.
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