Inner toast.
2017-03-18 - Truck as purchased mid-March
2017-05-27 - Truck finally packed this morning
2017-05-28 - Monarch pass stick-throwing break
2017-05-28 - Breakfast high five
2017-05-29 - Sheeps
2017-05-30 - Still chilly up in the mountains in southern Colorado
2017-05-30 - Pre-breakfast walk with Jody and Gary
2017-05-31 - Jody in the (quiet) conference room for an important call
2017-05-31 - Either Gary's nose is cold or he thought this was comfortable
2017-06-02 - Dinner done early-it's still light out
2017-06-04 - Packing up while Gary hides from the sun
2017-06-04 - Gary ruins the serene coffee morning
2017-06-10 - Gary wants pancakes
2017-06-11 - While taking a ''Gary needs water break'', Gary ensures we will not be leaving without him
2017-06-13 - Mornings in the desert
2017-06-14 - One of the perks of the dirtbag thing-million dollar views
2017-06-14 - Headed to the next area-Santa Fe
2017-06-15 - Youtube
2017-06-18 - Surprisingly, Gary did not jump out after this pretty pink and red New Mexico
2017-06-19 - The desert sun and heat do not agree with Gary. Here, he makes a bee line for the shade of the truck
2017-06-19 - Just after-dawn co-pilot fail
2017-06-19 - ''I just don't want to eat dinner on the side of the highway.'' Sorry Jody
2017-06-21 - Gary assists with truck (aka house) cleaning by eating all the crumbs he can find
2017-06-21 - After several hours of cleaning, it's beer-thirty
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