Inner toast.
2020-07-29 - Nate bids (temporary) farewell to Salt Lake, south ridge of Mt Superior style.
2020-07-23 - The hair is becoming Jesus-level epic. Oh, and beer and pizza in the park in Fruita. Hot Tomato for the win.
2020-07-21 - Jody hangs out with Gary at the hole
2020-07-19 - Wildflowers abound up Little Cottonwood
2020-07-19 - Emylee on Superior
2020-07-12 - Ruth Lake goat!
2020-07-11 - Ego trumps suffering.
2020-07-11 - Of course. As the house nears completion, there is a wildfire within yards.
2020-07-06 - Construction. Completed. Now for some sort of finish.
2020-07-05 - Borer beetles. They're as big as Jody's hand.
2020-07-03 - Gary begs for food while we hide from the rain and mosquitoes in the Uintas.
2020-06-24 - Out for the first time in months to drink Ryan's exam worry away
2020-06-20 - Deck. Framed.
2020-06-19 - Gary. The Constant Supervisor.
2020-06-07 - Bar M ranch always delivers. My favorite blue trails yet.
2020-05-24 - The bail point from Wildcat.
2020-05-24 - (Failed) attempt at Wildcat Ridge with Emylee and Nate. Unfortunately, the snow the night before made for slippery and muddy conditions.
2020-05-18 - 5 hours start to finish: new hub and new axle.
2020-05-17 - The truck gets an expensive ride home from Price. We did get to drink been the whole way home though.
2020-05-14 - A jog behind the U produces some rewarding views (and a lot of climbing).
2020-05-04 - Class is a tequila bottle (from Mexico) with your fresh cut flowers.
2020-04-30 - Birthday early morning ride with the fam.
2020-04-26 - Gary hangs out with his older doppleganger buddy (he's Cate's dog)
2020-04-25 - So long, blue bath tub. Both I and the neighborhood will miss you. Your spot in the front yard for the last year will always be looked on with love and a touch of sadness. Good bye, blue bathtub.
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