Inner toast.
2018-04-01 - Jody perfects the desert rat look
2018-03-31 - Jody finally committed
2018-03-30 - It is going to be a tough day when after the first climb you are already bleeding through your tape
2018-03-29 - Apres anything
2018-03-26 - Sure as hell beats a tourist-filled restaurant in Moab
2018-03-25 - Gary has an awesome bed after a long hard day of biking
2018-03-24 - Bonus - Sunsets in the desert are hard to beat
2018-03-23 - Jody tries out Keri's mountain bike near Moab
2018-03-19 - Whoops. Looks like it is time to replace the brand new skis with new skis
2018-03-18 - Welcome to Salt Lake City
2018-03-17 - Majestic
2018-03-11 - Gary waits for Jody to come home
2018-03-04 - Finally. Snow
2018-03-01 - Gary loves to destroy piles of snow
2018-02-27 - Jody is stoked to be back in Salt Lake
2018-02-22 - Gary is very bored
2018-02-16 - Happy birthday, psycho dog
2018-02-13 - The office seems kind of small
2018-02-04 - Bonus - The second of two turns for the ski day
2018-02-04 - A low snow year makes skiing more interesting
2018-01-30 - Our landlord picks good paint colors
2018-01-24 - Gary demonstrates his mastery of herding
2018-01-20 - Gary enjoys some welcome snow
2018-01-14 - Evidence that there is no other dog in the house
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