Inner toast.
2020-12-30 - Sweat-cicle hair
2020-12-29 - No more spikes. Two dollars buys 100 quarter inch screws
2020-12-27 - Gary has gotten a tone that's a little too familiar
2020-12-25 - Christmas-morning and there is left over fresh pumpkin in these awesome pancakes
2020-12-19 - Gary stares out the front window on the way to a run on Antelope Island
2020-12-16 - Now that it's cold and my hair is as long as Jody's, I have to wrap it up to dry
2020-12-12 - Christmas tree fetching for 2020. No epics, good weather. Great trees. Much better than last year.
2020-12-03 - Birthday present to myself
2020-11-30 - Climbing cracks and shitty technique adds to the scarring on my hands
2020-11-29 - Cactus wren friends are back. This time, it's a male and female pair. Still cleaning the crumbs out of the truck
2020-11-28 - Found some not soft ratings and a super fun chimney pitch up near Cadillac Crack in Red Rocks
2020-11-27 - Cactus wren's are super bold. This little guy ate crumbs out of the open truck for 5-10 minutes. Totally chill and confident
2020-11-26 - Thanksgiving dinner in the Nevada dirt
2020-11-26 - Thanksgiving, Red Rocks style
2020-11-26 - Truck appetizers on Thanksgiving
2020-11-24 - Dinner on the way to Red Rocks. Social distancing isn't a problem when your goal is to avoid people
2020-11-24 - SKT (slowest known time) for the "behind the U loop", including the up-and-down behind Red Rocks and the Wind Sprints side-hill.
2020-11-18 - Gooseberry, actually taken the 17th
2020-11-17 - Gooseberry is good
2020-11-16 - Trippy pic of the 5' high drainage pipe connecting trails near Calico Basin
2020-11-15 - Jody on the sharp end, placing gear on the first pitch of Birdland
2020-11-15 - Road runner chillin' in the Calico Basin parking lot
2020-10-24 - Gary has his happy face on during a ride near Moab
2020-10-21 - Gary scored this nasty deer skull. It still had skin on it.
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